my favoriteI am a white western woman living in Seoul, South Korea.

I look good on paper: you would be impressed with my three university degrees, the fact that I have circumnavigated the world twice by ship promoting human rights and that I have lived and worked in five countries (yes, I’m counting the two summers I spent getting drunk in Australia).

However, reality is not that neat and tidy. Everyday I attempt to navigate the messy complexity of living in an ever-changing world and what it means to be a single, childless woman.

As an idealist, I am interested in how to make the world a better place – to, in the words of Gandhi, be the change I want to see in the world. Although, before I get too comfortable up there on my high-horse, I will admit to spending more on waxing at the spa every month than on giving loans through Kiva.

My hope is that you find something of interest here and that my writing doesn’t come across as too “tenth grade suburban white girl lyrics” (thanks David Cross!). It is, after all, a way to help pad my own feet rather than covering the world in leather (thank you Buddha!).

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Seoul Doll

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